Wordpress Security

8 Smart Tweaks for a Better WordPress Blog

According to Forbes, a whopping 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis thanks to their bad hosting practices. Even as the team at WordPress is constantly hard at work to strengthen the security of their software, it makes a lot of sense to optimize it further for added security. If you’re launching a self-hosted WordPress site anytime soon, be sure to check out the following tweaks to make your installation secure.


How to Use Any Google Fonts on Your Website

Choosing the right fronts can have a huge impact on the user experience on your site. The right fonts not only make your content readable but make it look visually appealing enough for your readers to share with other folks. Of course, pretty fonts can’t be the exact substitute for the quality of content, but with more people consuming content via mobile devices, web fonts have become more critical to your user experience than ever before.


How to Use Google Fonts in Genesis Themes

If you’re a web developer who strives for better user interface and user experience, choosing the right fonts for your website development project is vital. The choice of fonts may differ depending on the design and theme of your website. Luckily, Google Fonts offers ample options for you to choose from.

SEO Training

How to Choose an SEO Training Institute in Bhubaneswar

With the unprecedented growth in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, the need for trained and qualified online marketing specialists in India has grown like never before. According to DMTI, India will have 1.5 lacs digital marketing specialists manning the industry by 2016. So there’s no better time to learn online marketing skills but […]